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EI Malawi in Health & Nutrition

Under Health & Nutrition, we undertake a variety of initiatives in health and nutrition to improve the well-being of communities

We seek to improve the overall health and nutritional status of the communities

As Emmanuel International Malawi, We aim to improve the overall health and nutritional status of the communities we serve, reducing morbidity and mortality rates and enhancing the quality of life

Nutrition education to boost the absorption of balanced diets

Here are some of the areas we focus on under the Health & Nutrition sector as one of our Thematic areas

Community Health Education

We conduct health education campaigns to raise awareness about key health issues such as hygiene, sanitation, maternal and child health, and disease prevention

Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment

Emmanuel International Malawi works to prevent and treat malnutrition, especially among children and pregnant women including the provision of nutritional supplements, therapeutic feeding programs, and education on balanced diets.

Maternal and Child Health Services

we provide support in maternal and child health by providing antenatal and postnatal care services, immunizations, and education on breastfeeding and child nutrition

Disease Prevention and Control

By distributing mosquito nets, conducting health screenings, and providing medication, we aim to prevent and control diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and diarrheal diseases

Collaboration with Local Health Systems

through collaboration efforts with local health systems and government agencies by training health workers, improving health facility infrastructure, and supporting health policy initiatives, We strengthen health services and infrastructure

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Programs

This Involves the construction of boreholes, wells, and latrines, as well as promoting hygiene practices such as handwashing to ensure access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities

Peek Into Our Health & Nutrition Interventions

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