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EI Malawi on Economic Empowerment

Emmanuel International Malawi undertakes various initiatives aimed at economic empowerment to help individuals and communities improve their economic stability and self-sufficiency

We are implementing various initiatives to ensure economic independence in Malawi

Through these economic empowerment initiatives, Emmanuel International Malawi aims to improve livelihoods, increase income levels, and enhance the overall economic resilience of individuals and communities

Enhancing financial access & providing pathways to Entrepreneurship

Our efforts in the area of economic empowerment typically include the following

Entrepreneurship Support

Emmanuel International Malawi provides training and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. This includes business skills training, mentorship, and support in developing business plans. They may also facilitate access to start-up capital.

Microfinance and Savings Groups

We support the establishment of savings and loan groups, often referred to as Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs). These groups enable members to save money, access small loans, and invest in income-generating activities

Women’s Economic Empowerment

We support women in starting and growing businesses, providing access to financial services, and promoting women’s participation in economic activities to empower women economically, recognizing the unique challenges they face

Market Linkages

We work to connect producers with markets, ensuring that farmers and small business owners can sell their products at fair prices by facilitating partnerships with buyers, improving market access, and providing information on market trends.

Financial Literacy

EIM offers financial literacy training to help individuals manage their finances effectively. This includes education on budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding financial services.

Cooperative Development

We support the formation and strengthening of cooperatives, which can help members achieve economies of scale, improve bargaining power, and increase access to markets and resources.

Peek Into Our Economic Empowerment Activities

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