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EIM is currently implementing a number of small scale projects in selected villages within the Zomba District. These short term projects vary from water supply, to income generation, to agriculture.

Bee Keeping Project

In Mateche Village, 50 beehives have been established by community members. Currently the honey is used primarily for household consumption in the village, and not for sale.As the project progresses, it is expected that as the number of hives and the volume of honey produced increase, the beneficiaries will be able to sell honey.

Shallow Well Construction

EIM worked with three villages to construct shallow wells. This partnership saw the villagers supply labour and local materials, while EIM provided specialized expertise and materials.

Chitetezo Mbaula

EIM is working to introduce new food processing technologies - chitetezo mbaula and fireless cookers. Chitetezo mbaulas are fuel efficient stoves, which reduce the amount of firewood required to cook. Fireless cookers are insulated cooking containers made from local materials. Training on the proper use and benefits of both technologies are provided to the communities, and some have also been trained in the construction of these stoves.

Poultry Project

EIM is working to train villages in the caring and maintenance of poultry. Following the training , participants receive 4 hens and one cockerel to use as an alternative income generation source and food alternative.