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EIM has partnered with the World Food Programme since 2004. A variety of programs have taken place over the years in various districts providing much needed assistance to vulnerable and at risk communities.

Cash and Food for Livelihoods Pilot Project (CFLP)

The Cash and Food for Livelihoods Pilot Project (CFLP) has aimed at reducing poverty to vulnerable and needy households through building sustainable livelihood assets. Through CFLP, beneficiaries work to build sustainable livelihood assets in areas of: agro forestry/afforestation, community gardens, manure making, Marker Ridge Construction, or Fish ponds/Water Harvesting Structures. In return for their labour, beneficiaries receive cash, food or a mix of both. Cash receiving beneficiaries are trained in financial education with a focus on Savings and Bank services in hopes of employing the Village Saving Loans (VSL) program in the future. Cash transfers are commonly used to purchase seeds, fertilizer, and to also meet needs such as education and health.