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Student of Malundani SChool, drr Beneficiary

If I were a TEACHER, I would have taught my pupils the advantage of planting more trees, the effects of desforestation, and how HIV/AIDS can be prevented.

If I were a  VILLAGE HEADMAN, I would have taught my people to grow different types of crops, to send their children to school, and to have one faithful sexual partner.


Biton auti, church links - msci Beneficiary

Biton is a Home-Based Care (HBC) volunteer who was trained through the I-LIFE program. He visits people living with HIV/AIDS who are unable to visit the health center. Through his work, many members of his village have gone for testing. In the future, Biton hopes to begin a Village Savings and Loan program in his village.


TIyamike group, saveup Beneficiary

Tiyamike VS&L is found in Mzinda Village GVH Mzinda in TA BwanaNyambi, Mangochi District. The group started 2 years ago, with its members comprising of chronically ill persons and households keeping orphans and vulnerable children who benefit from I-LIFE monthly food rations. The VS&L members of this group comprise 9 women and 1 man, all from Mzinda village.


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